knitting with yarn and words
by Lisa Hendrix Simmons

A humorous look at a mom who knits and writes stories to stay sane!

April 26, 2019

     Isn’t it funny how God can remind you that He is always with us during our day?  Sometimes when you least expect it or you are feeling down and alone, you get a little reminder during your day that He is right by your side.

     I feel that way...

January 25, 2019

Knitting and crocheting are always relaxing, even when you are learning a new stitch, dropping stitches, searching for the long lost double pointed needle you just dropped. It is STILL better than sitting at work, not knitting (or crocheting.)

January 23, 2019

I discovered a new craft store this weekend out of town that I fell in love with until I got to the checkout lane.  I  did not realize that you in order to make a purchase anywhere in this part of town you have to either state your age or admit you are over 21.


June 14, 2018

   This is so embarrassing. I am the known 'techy' person; at home and in my office and at our family business. But this week I was nothing close to be techy at all. First of all five days ago our home land line went out...dead as a door nail ( for some of you who don'...

For not actually having a job title of "Writer" or "Author" I seem to be spending a lot of time these days writing. My job description for my full time job doesn't even have the word writer/author in it. And neither does the description of what I do for our family busi...

One of my favorite movies shows a character knitting. Impossible as it seems to be, that character is a dog: Gromit and he knits!  Poor put-upon Gromit. He must resort to knitting to save his sanity. In "Curse of the Were-rabbit" Gromit actually gets a lot of knitting...

  Writers not only write, they read; like crazy!  Sometimes people are surprised by this. Well, don't you just write the novels? Why would you read other novels?  Umm because despite the fact I think I write a lot, I don't write EVERYTHING!

  So today I am rea...

Three of my bears resting happily on my chair

waiting to be placed in good homes.

Even though I hate giving them away, I have to because there are too many of them in my house. I've made over 100 bears and given away many to relatives, new moms and babies, and students o...

  My family doesn't quite get my knitting obsession. I mean they all like the occasional sock...  "umm, Mom it's summer time I just don't wear socks year round, only need one pair... thanks!"  I have a bad habit of creating numerous things whether anyone wants them or...

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