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Lisa Hendrix Simmons

Lisa has always been a writer and a crafter.

She loves paper, notebooks, typewriters, computers and fabric and yarn. 

The possibility of creating things is what gives her a thrill and she is always looking to learn something new.

Lisa is married, has 3 grown children and grandchildren.

She also has two cats and a dog who provide many humorous stories!

When not at her full time job as a Family Life Ministry Coordinator she is knitting, crocheting, writing and thinking up action movies to film. Not necessarily in that order.

Her  husband takes her on adventures; floating down a lazy river, zip lining through the trees, white water rafting, bi-plane riding, strumming their guitars and dobro on the riverfront. But her biggest adventure is sharing life with her family.

She is a monthly contributor to as well several other publications. 

She has published  12 books, and many videos when she isn't knitting!

She loves to create videos of her books like the one on this page for Kip MacAllister or her family's karate business or for her job. 

She also loves moving water...

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